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Our goal is for your animal to have the best quality of life for as long as possible. 

Rather than practicing one type of medicine, our doctors combine therapies and treatment approaches to ensure the best result.  These therapies include acupuncture,  tr
aditional Chinese herbal medicine, low level laser therapy, traditional Chinese food therapy, biopuncture, nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements.

Grounded in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine we create an individualized treatment plan based on how a disease manifests in your animal.  This is not cookie cutter medicine!  A typical treatment plan is comprised of multiple therapies.  Treatment protocols are designed based on the chronicity (acute, sub-acute, chronic), severity and nature of disease. These protocols may vary in frequency of treatment and interval between sessions. While our ideal outcome is to cure the disease, we are typically able to halt or slow progression.  As symptoms change we have many degrees of freedom within these modalities to adjust the treatment plan.  Generally treatments need to be "front loaded" where we may need to treat once per week for multiple weeks to make breakthroughs, and can then lengthen the time between treatments until we find the appropriate maintenance interval.

In advance of your first visit with us we carefully review all of your animal's veterinary records and test results.  We are concerned not just with the current problematic issue, but with your animal as a whole over time.  Using principles of traditional Chinese medicine we look for patterns and systemic weaknesses in your animal which predict future risks and potential issues.  Ideally we will work with you to prevent issues and to achieve our goal!  In spite of our desire for your animals to live forever, time marches on and we are committed to providing palliative and end-of-life care when the time comes.

 We become part of your veterinary team.  Our focus is alternative therapies and our clinic environment is intended to be low stress for your animals.  We do offer diagnostic services (bloodwork, urinalysis).  There are absolutely cases where Western medicine is the preferred treatment.  In these cases we will refer you back to your primary Western veterinarian or emergency clinic.  We do not provide emergency services, treat acute trauma, provide routine vaccinations or perform surgery.

  Low Stress Treatment Room

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