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Partnering with Your Western Veterinarian

You don't have to choose between Western and alternative therapies

Alternative therapies can be complimentary to and used in parallel with the Western treatments you may be the most comfortable with - hence the term "integrative."

Our veterinarians are trained and licensed as Western practitioners.  We are very open to consulting with your primary Veterinarian and fully understand the Western treatments prescribed as well as intepreting diagnostic test results.  In fact one of the first steps in evaluating a new client is to have complete records sent to us from all Veterinarians who have provided care for your animal over its lifetime.

There are cases where an issue is well managed with Western medications, however, there may be long term side effects.  Our goal would be to transition to a treatment plan that is targeted at the issue, reduce the potential side effects, and ideally to eliminate the cause of the issue.

Our clients will continue to receive these types of services from their "normal" veterinarians:

  • Emergency services, treatment for acute trauma

  • Vaccinations - We provide recommendations based on your animal's health, age and risk factors

  • Surgery

  • Radiographs

We do value and depend on diagnostics to evaluate your animal's health status and effectiveness of treatments, however our diagnostic services are limited to minimally invasive collection methods such as those for blood and urine.

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