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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all treatment plans include acupuncture?
No.  The treatment plan is unique to each animal and through monitoring, diagnostics and observation, the plan is adjusted over time. 

Do the animal's really sit still while you stick needles into them?
Suprisingly, they do!  As with people, some animals are more challenging to needle than others.  Generally the animals become more accepting as they experience more treatments.  Our veterinarians also consciously adjust their treatment based on how well the animal is tolerating the treatment.  Acupuncture points are not created equal - some naturally elicit more of a reaction than others. 

How often will I need to bring my animal in for treatment?

Treatment protocols are designed for an individual based on the pattern(s) of imbalance or disharmony(ies) they are exhibiting at that time; these patterns and disharmonies can and will change with treatment and time. Routine rechecks with adjustments in therapies are therefore critical. Some disharmonies may be cured with a single acupuncture treatment alone while chronic issues may require periodic treatments during the life of a pet.

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