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Getting Started

Call us to discuss your animal - our staff will gather the information necessary to consult with our veterinarians and advise if our treatment options are appropriate for your animal's health issue. 

Schedule an initial consultation - The initial consulation is 90 minutes with the veterinarian. One-on-one with you, focused on evaluating your animal's health using the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.  Our Veterinarian will have reviewed your animal's full veterinary record as well as the initial questionnnaire prior to your appointment. 

The initial consultation does not include treatment.  If this is desirable we can schedule additional time for the initial treatment session.

Have your animal's FULL veterinary record sent to us.
Your animal's full medical history is important to their current situation. Understanding patterns of diseases, systemic weaknesses, past treatments are all important in formulating a treatment plan. All lab work and diagnostics should be included, both recent and historical data (bloodwork, urinalysis, ultrasound, radiographs, ultrasound, EKG, MRI, CT, etc.).

Fill out and return our "Initial Questionnaire" at least 2 days prior to the initial consultation.

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